Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hartford Natural Family Living Examiner

Guess what ya'll? I have a new gig!! I'm now the Hartford Natural Family Living Examiner for! I'll be posting topics on everything from natural hair to natural cooking. From natural crafts for kids to natural beauty products. I'm gonna have A LOT of fun with this. C'mon over and join me!

Friday, June 18, 2010

One Healthy Sucker Returns

Ready, Set, Ok...

I'm back, I'm back, now whatchu think about that? (that's my best cheerleader impression. I wish you could see me but you'll just have to imagine this one.)

This has been an extremely long hiatus. But I have to tell you, the emails, comments and page views have really touched me. I've had more than one reader tell me they would really like to see me return to the blogosphere because they get a kick out of my writing style and actually feel like they're informed. To them I say, "Why thank ya kindly folks". So in a effort to continue to do my part in the living healthy campaign, One Healthy Sucker returns to regular posting. YAY!!!