Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Spirit of Giving Contest

So I told you yesterday how good it feels to give...Remember? In the spirit of giving and to experience even more of the good vibrations, OHSucker's having its own "Feel Good" Contest. Because Soldiers' Angels and the We Stuff 4 Soldiers Project are close to my heart, my contest is centered around supporting them! YAY! Here's what's going down:

Spread the word about the We Stuff 4 Soldiers Project in a blog post. The WS4S Project must be mentioned in the beginning of your post. Also in that blog post, share a giving story, tips on how to give, top charities to give to or your thoughts on the goodness of giving. Once you've written your post, come back to this post and leave a comment with a link back to your freshly penned words of giving inspiration. What will you get for giving? An entry in a drawing for $50 smackeroos...(cash) via PayPal. Plus if you actually enter the giving contest We Stuff 4 Soldiers is having, you'll get a nice little something just for entering there too!

Spread the word and hurry back to let me know what you've done. The OHSucker contest ends this Friday (August 10) at 11:59PM!
PS: I'm having this lil' ol contest posted all around the net (including sites like ContestBlogger) because I sooooo believe in giving and I want to give as many of you as possible the chance to win 50 of my bucks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Do Some Good

Have you ever heard someone say doing things for others makes you feel better? Or maybe doing good makes you a better person? I have and I do! One of the charities I'm involved with is Soldiers' Angels. SA is an all volunteer 501 (c)(3) non profit organization that supports our military members (including Veterans) and their families during and after their deployments.

As an Angel I've adopted a soldier (well in my case I have a Paratrooper, a Marine and a K-9 Team: handler & military war dog) with the commitment to send 1 letter or card per week and 1-2 care packages (doesn't have to be large or expensive at all) per month. I'm also a Team Leader for the Letter Writing Team and a member of the VA (Veterans Affairs) Team. This is an AWESOME fulfilling experience. Every time I hear back from my soldiers or someone I've written from the letter writing team, I feel such a rush of the "warm fuzzies". It feels so good to help. You wouldn't believe how many of these guys and gals don't receive mail. Just to hear their name at mail call boosts their morale. I love it!

So how can you get your own case of warm fuzzies? Well, you can join Soldiers' Angels or you may want to sponsor a "make your own stuffed animal" kit from We Stuff 4 Soldiers. If you're sponsoring a kit or making a donation to We Stuff 4 Soldiers, you may want to check out the contest going on over there. You can receive a "Stuff On Us" Plushie Gift Card from StuffandPlay and be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. How's that for making a case for "it's good to give AND receive"?!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Why I Love Larry Winget

Since we're still working on the Mental aspect of the Total Living Routine, I wanted to share with you one of my mentors from afar. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the "Pitbull of Personal Development", Larry Winget! (insert crowd applause and cheering). For those of you who don't know who he is, let me have the pleasure of telling you. He's one of the most real people you'll ever have the fortune of being exposed to. His way of whipping you into shape mentally sets you up for success in all the other areas of your life, especially your finances. That's the number one reason why I just love him. It's great to see an actual role model of someone who had nothing rise into success. It makes us believe that we can all do it. Larry has such a love for people and it's genuine. He reminds me of

How about picking up a few of Larry's books or checking out his A&E show on Saturday mornings. You'll fall in love with him too!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Develop Your Total Living Routine: Mental

Part of the "Can You Afford Health" Series

Originally my plan was to give you the information all in one post to assist you with how to "Develop Your Total Living Routine". However, as I began writing, I realized that I would be doing a disservice to you by cramming it all into one post. For one, it would have been too long. For another, it wouldn't have given you time to digest the pieces and give them each their proper "due". Part of developing your total living routine is internalizing and refocusing yourself with each component as they come together as a whole.

The words "internalizing" and "refocusing" go hand in hand with "reimaging" which all make up our first component of Total Living--the Mental aspect.

Get Your Mind Right

Yep, I've issued a challenge. Get your mind right! Change your outlook. Reimage negatives into positives. I was in a discussion on a blog post talking about opportunities being everywhere. This post combatted the popular belief that "opportunites only come once in a lifetime". I agreed with the poster that opportunities were abundant. You have to train your mind to look at opportunities differently. Once you do, you'll find them in many things. Once you've reimaged your mind you've increased your opportunity quotient. And guess what? I'm so proud of you!

How do you reimage your mind?

1- Start reading positive books. What you feed your mind has a direct impact on what your "vision" is.

2- Create a Dreamboard/Dreamcards. What are your dreams? What are your goals? Find images that correlate with what you've dreamt up for yourself. Assemble these images and words on posterboard (or corkboard) and hang it in a place where you'll see it daily...multiple times per day. Dreamcards are very similar. Use index cards to write down your goals and personal absolutes. Post the cards in different areas of your living environment. Be creative, colorful, festive when making your dreamboard/dreamcards. You want to make them exciting to look at...which will make you want to look at them more. Constant visual images of your dreams, goals and personal absolutes will manifest into reality.

These are two key steps to "getting your mind right". Once you've become a positive image photographer, you'll find that it's a bit easier to tackle the other components of the Total Living Routine: Spiritual, Physical and Financial. I'll be back with posts dedicated to those! YAY!!

(Courtesy of Successful Inspirations)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Can You Afford Health? Pt. 1

How much is your health worth to you? I'm hoping that you'll say priceless. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of you will say priceless. But are you just saying that to have something to say? To conform to what you think others are saying or want you to say?

I can't count how many times someone has said "I want to be healthy" on their way to the fast food spot. Or "I need to get more exercise" while still sitting on the sofa. What? Being healthy is not a fad. It should be part of your living routine. What's a living routine? I've devoted a whole post to it that will be published tomorrow. But basically, it's a routine that you've developed for your life that encompasses total health (mental, spiritual, physical, financial).
This series is dedicated to answering the question of "can you afford health"? Or better yet can you afford NOT to be healthy? We'll see...