Friday, August 3, 2007

Develop Your Total Living Routine: Mental

Part of the "Can You Afford Health" Series

Originally my plan was to give you the information all in one post to assist you with how to "Develop Your Total Living Routine". However, as I began writing, I realized that I would be doing a disservice to you by cramming it all into one post. For one, it would have been too long. For another, it wouldn't have given you time to digest the pieces and give them each their proper "due". Part of developing your total living routine is internalizing and refocusing yourself with each component as they come together as a whole.

The words "internalizing" and "refocusing" go hand in hand with "reimaging" which all make up our first component of Total Living--the Mental aspect.

Get Your Mind Right

Yep, I've issued a challenge. Get your mind right! Change your outlook. Reimage negatives into positives. I was in a discussion on a blog post talking about opportunities being everywhere. This post combatted the popular belief that "opportunites only come once in a lifetime". I agreed with the poster that opportunities were abundant. You have to train your mind to look at opportunities differently. Once you do, you'll find them in many things. Once you've reimaged your mind you've increased your opportunity quotient. And guess what? I'm so proud of you!

How do you reimage your mind?

1- Start reading positive books. What you feed your mind has a direct impact on what your "vision" is.

2- Create a Dreamboard/Dreamcards. What are your dreams? What are your goals? Find images that correlate with what you've dreamt up for yourself. Assemble these images and words on posterboard (or corkboard) and hang it in a place where you'll see it daily...multiple times per day. Dreamcards are very similar. Use index cards to write down your goals and personal absolutes. Post the cards in different areas of your living environment. Be creative, colorful, festive when making your dreamboard/dreamcards. You want to make them exciting to look at...which will make you want to look at them more. Constant visual images of your dreams, goals and personal absolutes will manifest into reality.

These are two key steps to "getting your mind right". Once you've become a positive image photographer, you'll find that it's a bit easier to tackle the other components of the Total Living Routine: Spiritual, Physical and Financial. I'll be back with posts dedicated to those! YAY!!

(Courtesy of Successful Inspirations)


Anonymous said...

Can you give an example of a Dreamboard .

~OHSucker~ said...

Sure can! I've updated the post with a dreamboard example. Hope this helps!

fitline said...

developing a daily routine will surely help in carrying out the work smoothly

Eric Pangilinan said...

I've found the coolest and most effective tool to help with the visualization process - a great vision board software called Mind Movies Creator.

It was created by Ryan Higgins to help others visualize and manifest the life of their dreams. See a video and find out why here

A Mind Movie allows you to create a vision of what you want, together with your Favorite song… the one that makes you feel good, the one that makes you want to dance, the one that makes you smile and sing along.

It’s like a 3 minute slide show/movie of your perfect life.

I’m trying it out now.

I’m having fun making my own vision board/mind movie.

And because it’s a software, no need to cut up magazines!