Sunday, March 25, 2007

By The Power Of Grayskull

Where'd that come from? The weight loss candy, Power Pops, triggered this little bit of nostalgia. I'm telling you, cartoons when I was a kid were off the chain! I don't know what I'd do without Boomerang now. Ahhh, yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away (I promise you The Beatles would have been proud of my rendition).

So just what does He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have to do with today's post? Nothing really. It's just something that popped into my mind when I thought of the lollipop that boldly states "Eat Candy...Lose Weight". This lollipop also says that it'll suppress your appetite and give you a burst of energy too. That's a mighty tall order for such a small thing. Of course being the adventurous person that I am (and a sucker for all things health), I just had to try them out.

I was intrigued by the list of natural ingredients which include Hoodia, Citrimax, B6 & B12 and Guarana. Right then, I knew these pops would pretty much do what they claimed. Hoodia is a known appetite suppressant, while Guarana coupled with the B duo reduces fatigue and increases mental alertness (too bad I've been so much of an insomniac for so many years...I'd have really seen that as a benefit back in my college days). The flavors were also tempting and included two of my absolute favorites in any candy: Green Apple and Pink Lemonade. So yeah, the pops arrived and I immediately grab one and a bottle of water (water is supposed to activate the ingredients). I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The lollipops were delicious. The texture was a little different but not unpleasant. Even the Butter Pecan ones were good. Now that was really surprising to me. I'd purchased them just to try them out (although there is a site that offers a free sample) but now I'm thinking of doing the "Power Pops Diet". Let's see how much weight I'll lose in the next six weeks. Hmmm, now I can really say "I HAVE THE POWER!" At least in the form of a lollipop and Boomerang.

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