Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Running To The Beat

I first learned about the Nike+ iPod shoe (which retails for around $200-250 total if you need to buy everything brand new) last summer from my brother who always seems to know the low down on anything having to do with sports and entertainment. I swear he's like Rain Man in that sense. When he first told me about it, I have to admit that I was less than enthused with the whole idea. Especially because the only benefit I could see was just that the runner didn't have to buy an iPod nano along with a pedometer and try to keep their focus on both while engaging in their workout.

Since then, I've read up on it (off and on) and really began to see the genius behind this little piece of modern technology. I mean not only can you track your miles and see your running time, but you can also set a power song (you know the song that really gets you amped) and set running goals. Sync this bad boy to your PC and compare previous workouts, challenge other runners, even see the calories you've burned a month ago! How cool is that? I'm excited and I'm not even a runner!

When it was first released, the buyer basically had to buy the Nike+ running shoe right along with the Nike iPod Sport Kit (way to corner the market Nike). However, I'm banking on Nike not realizing the creativity of the buyer. Why do I say that? A Nike running shoe isn't for everyone (especially me and my wide Flintstone-esque feet). It seemed that early on, Nike made no provision for this non-Nike wearing demographic. Why would they, right? This practically forced those that loved their brand and the idea of the iPod shoe to come up with some kind of compromise. An early ingenious idea included a simple but effective velcro hookup. Now you can actually buy sensor pouches or pretty much make your own.

I definitely feel like this is a great exercise motivator, especially since it'll keep all your stats for you, allowing you ease in tracking your progress. Also making it even easier to say to yourself, "You've come a long way baby! Whooooohoooo!"


Bigrayvin said...

Wow Nike and Ipod coming together. What a combination! A extra motivator to lose that last five lbs's. Only question I have is what does this retail for?

~OHSucker~ said...

Thanks for the comment bigrayvin. I've updated the post to include retail cost.