Monday, March 26, 2007

To Have, To Hold, To Snip

Recently, I've been thinking about just how truthful it is when they (the Holistic Health community) say that hair has energy and memory. It's ironic that something so often taken for granted has such a profound impact on our lives. I mean think about it, unplanned baldness can pretty much break a person...or at the very least hurt their feelings so much that the "joke makers" end up in top spots on "I'll Get Revenge" lists. Even I have to admit to occasionally joining in the chorus of the childhood bald song "Baldy Scaldy I declare...somebody stole all (insert bald kid's name) hair...". This song was often followed by raucous laughter by the teasers, but baleful sobs for the follicle challenged child. Wow, what a poignant picture that just painted for me. Did you feel it too?

Your hair does everything with you and goes through everything that you go through. As a result, negative energy (pain, loss, sorrow, grief, etc) that you experience can really get trapped in hair no matter its texture. Not only does it get trapped, but hair will hold onto it like the twining roots of a gnarled oak tree. Ever wonder why right after a bad breakup or other significant negative life event the hair is almost always the first to go (either voluntarily or involuntarily)? Once the hair loss is accepted, the words "I have a new lease on life" seem to also be the phrase of affirmation. I just had a friend of mine cut her locs completely off and while she's now down to about 1-1.5 inches of hair, she said she's never felt more free. Perusing blogs, I came across a post where the author talks about the freedom she herself has experienced now that she's hair free, she's even taken to cutting cute designs (like flowers) in her hair. How creative is that?! I guess you really can say "Hair free is Care free". Now everyone wanting to get rid of those negative feelings, run out and get a hair cut. See how much better it'll make you feel....just make sure it's a GOOD hair cut (or we could be right back at the starting point).


lovelyjd said... true. I easily cut off my hair after a recent break up and as I have written on my blog...I have never felt more free. amazing.
I love your blog! I intend to start training for a triathlon so I will be checking in for tips!

~OHSucker~ said...

Thanks lovely! I'll keep you and your training in mind. *WINK*

SunshineMama said...

I'm afraid I just got your comment on my page! And to answer your question, I don't mind at all. I read your post and in response to the childhood moment you described, "ouch" I did feel that!

~OHSucker~ said...

Thank you! I was hoping it would be okay. I KNOW!! Children! Even though I still say they're the greatest gift ever.