Monday, May 7, 2007

Be A Boy Scout...Even If You're A Girl

For the past couple days I've been thinking about being prepared in an emergency. I gave myself a test of my own making and realized I barely knew what to have in my emergency kit. I knew the important things such as beef jerky (I prefer the healthy jerky), first aid kit, flashlight with batteries and water. I'd forgotten clothes, plastic garbage bags and needing to pack my items in a water resistant backpack. Ehh, you can't remember everything. But anyway, I figured I'd better get my emergency bag packed now rather than waiting until an actual emergency because I know I'd definitely forget something in the rush should anything actually go down. Of course, saying this to myself made me think of you all. So with that said, here's what the Red Cross says you should have in your Emergency Preparedness Kit. A couple things that aren't on the list are activities and games including books, drawing and writing materials, pocket sized electronic games. These are a must, not only if you have children but for you too. Nothing like keeping your mind occupied. Hmm, I wonder if having one of those inflatable air mattresses would be going overboard? What do you think? Well anyway, definitely keep in mind that there's certainly something to the Boy Scout Motto: ALWAYS BE PREPARED!!

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