Thursday, May 10, 2007

Top 5 Health Inspiried Top Fives

Problogger's Group Project really has had some good submissions (including mine if I say so myself) Believe it or not quite a few of them had something to do with health. I'm posting my favorites here. In the spirit of the Top 5 here are my Top 5 Health Inspired Top Fives:

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your DNA
Get Fit&Sexy While Blogging
Top 5 Healthy Relaxation Techniques
Top 5 Special Health Tips
Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Muffin Top Without Dieting

This one and this one aren't health related but I had fun reading them. I'll be back with more of these awesome submissions tomorrow. I won't promise they'll all be health related though because there are some great non health posts that I'm really digging. (<-----how 70s is that?) I'll tell you one thing...I don't envy Darren (Mr. ProBlogger himself) in the least. LOL


Hsien Lei said...

I'm so glad you liked the DNA post! :)

~OHSucker~ said...

Definitely! I'm almost embarrassed to say I love stuff like that...almost. LOL

lovelyjd said...

where are you? I am finally beginning the pre-training phase for my triathlon and you are no where to be found. Come back with your good information.