Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There's Something In The Water

I'm sure you've heard by now that Coca Cola has purchased the Center for Responsible Hydration aka Glaceau. What in the world is a "glaceau"? They're the makers of VitaminEnergy, SmartWater, FruitWater and my absolute favorite drink in the world...VitaminWater.

If you haven't tried VitaminWater, I encourage you to give it a sip...or guzzle...whichever you prefer. Why? This is one of the most complete drinks I've ever had the fortune to hydrate with. In fact, this is my choice for getting my vitamin supplements in. Yes, vitamins in pill form are readily available but since you only get about 10% of the vitamins in those pills (90% goes undigested), I for one prefer to ingest them already broken down. This pretty much ensures that your body will get what it needs without having to "overextend" itself.

With 15 flavors to choose from (11 of which I love, the other four I haven't tried yet) you are sure to find something that you just can't seem to hydrate yourself without. This water not only makes drinking water hip (who would have thought?), it also says being healthy is in!


Southern_Lady said...

I'm going to try them. I keep seeing the commercial and I've just gotten back into the vitamin thing. I stopped the taking the pills about three months ago because you don't get the complete vitamins. But I still need them. I'm breaking down! lol

Ochial "Oluv" Ellison said...

I agree with drinking vitamin water because your getting all your vitamins flowing directly where you need them in your body to function correctly.
I read a news article on how N.Y.C Sewer workers was finding alot of undigested pills, mineral vitamins,and medicine capsules whole and unmerged from bodily waste.

Anonymous said...

VitaminWater is great, but you have to be careful about how much you drink. Each bottle has 32 grams of sugar and about 125 calories.

Anonymous said...
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