Sunday, May 27, 2007

Be You...You're The Best

I've been gone for a while I know. But I'm back and in full effect. Check out my b-boy stance. Oh wait you can't see me. Ok just use your imagination. *CHEESE*

While on my hiatus I've been getting other businesses off the ground and my focus has been elsewhere to be quite honest. I've received quite a few emails from the best readers in the blogosphere (you of course!) telling me in no uncertain terms to get my "sit down place" (my brother especially will appreciate that) back here. As I read through the emails and reflected I have to say that I'm quite happy with what One Healthy Sucker has turned out to be. So many people have told me that it's unlike any other health related blog out there and while that's challenging at times, it certainly makes me feel good that I can be myself and have others appreciate it.

This brings me to something I'd love to share with you all today: BE YOURSELF! NO ONE DOES IT BETTER! So many try to duplicate what others are doing but end up losing themselves and what they're about individually. Yes, I do understand there's something to be said about not reinventing the wheel. To that I say but rims are a great addition and custom rims are even better. *SMILE* You owe it to yourself to be the customized person you were created to be. Make sure you're not easily replaced or easily forgotten. Step outside the box. Go ahead you can do it. I know you can (especially if you're a reader of this blog). We (you and I) exemplify individualism at its best.

I want to thank you all for checking the site daily and standing by me. Now if ya'll would subscribe I'd be in Heaven. I get LOADS of visitors a day but only have a few subscribers and many of my visitors are repeat visitors. So c'mon hit those subscription buttons. YAY!!!

(In case you're wondering yes that's a picture of me. Aren't I a cutie pie?)

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