Thursday, May 3, 2007

Me Want Healthy Donut...Mmmm

Apparently, I'm late since I'm just finding out about a couple donuts on the market that are proclaimed to be healthy/good for you. You know me, I had to dive in and find out all that I could about these delicious little bits of healthy goodness.

First on the list is the Whole Wheat Glazed Donut from Krispy Kreme. I know, I know, you're salivating at the thought of a Krispy Kreme donut that may actually be good for you. Right? I know the feeling. So just how "healthy" is this donut? Bottom line? Not much.

Here's how it stacks up versus their Original Glazed Donut:
Total Calories: WWG-180 OGD-200
Calories From Fat: WWG-100 OGD-100
Total Fat: WWG-11g OGD-12g

I could post more nutritional information but really, what's the point? Lesson learned here? Naming something "Whole Wheat" doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthier for you. Just think, I was even bent on forgetting about the "sugar shake" that overcomes me whenever I bite into a Krispy Kreme donut for this. Blah!

Now for the second healthy donut "Super Donut", brought to us by former Pittsburgh Steelers star, Franco Harris.

The Super Donut (retails for about $2.69/box of 6) is chock full of vitamins, minerals and protein. They don't contain preservatives, trans fats, artificial flavors or colors. What's the nutritional breakdown here?
Total Calories: 240
Total Fat grams: 13
Carbs: 24
Protein: 7g
14 vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, C, E and Bfamily, folic acid and calcium.

Of the two of course the Super Donut is the healthier choice. In fact, you can find these donuts in school cafeterias all over the United States, nursing homes, health care facilities, even on our military bases! Come to think of it, as of now, those are really the only places you'll find them unless you live in the Pittsburgh area (pick them up in your grocers freezer. I've always wanted to say that).


Ray said...

Donut's and freezers do not mix
Keep that supercrap and give me the hot sign. mmm I can taste those hot donuts in my belly right now.

~OHSucker~ said...

Stop slobbing on your keyboard. LOL