Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BellyBytes.com Says It's All About Food

During my search for post worthy topics, I came across a little site that sure enough packed a wallop of information. What site was it? It was none other than BellyBytes.com. This site gives you a great wealth of information without being "showy" in its presentation. Upon arriving you may even be tempted to just skip over it. STOP!! Step away from the mouse... Trust me, you'll learn more in a few paragraphs than what you'd imagined. BellyBytes has information on healthy fast and brand name foods which I absolutely love because we may not have time to always cook healthy for ourselves and our families. Sometimes we just have to get food on the go.

Another "wealth of information" article that made my "I'm grateful for this..." list is The 29 Healthiest Foods On The Planet. From fruit to seafood, it lists what's good and what's good about them. Definitely check out that article. I'm sure you'll learn something...just like I did.

Did I mention this site also has a wonderful "Recipes" section? They even have recipes for zinc-ful foods and healthy BBQs. I can't wait to try those out.

Now where did I put that chef hat?.....

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