Monday, April 2, 2007

Revive, Refresh, Renew...For Less

It's Spa Week time! Get out your date books and mark this year's calendar for the week of April 16-22. Some of the most posh, glitzy day spas are offering services at an ultra low price. Cities like New York, Atlanta, Boston, Portland, Toronto and many more have decided to join in with C&R Media and offer an affordable means of relaxation and rejuvenation to the masses.

Gone are the days when going to the spa was a luxury. It's now seen as a necessity, especially with the large percentage of those suffering from "on the job" stress. Not only that, but alternative and complementary medicine is gaining more acceptance. Today, more and more people are seeking massage, reiki and acupuncture as a method of healing. What better way to introduce (or reintroduce) the healing benefits of spa services into your life than catching them when the top obstacle of the services being too expensive has been removed? Exactly! There's no time like Spa Week!

Go ahead, don't be afraid, check out the website along with the participating cities. If you're in the Atlanta area, as I am, be sure to visit the sites of the participating spas. I've checked them all and the services look awesome! I'm especially excited about Nseya Salon & Spa. Their target market is the Black community and Lord knows we need all the pampering we can get!

Ready, Set,'s SPA TIME!!!


lovelyjd said...

I will definitely will be checking out spa week, here in LA. And recommendations for how often one should get services for specific areas (facials, for example) ?

~OHSucker~ said...

I 'hear' ya. Trust--I'm going to be there with bells on! I've already scheduled my appointment. I made sure I let them know I learned about them through the Spa Week website just in case (gotta get the discount--LOL).

Regarding facials: A good rule of thumb for getting facials is about once a month to every 6 weeks. Your facialist will let you know how often she (or he) recommends that you come back during your consultation. It's during the consultation that your skin type will be assessed and the appropriate regime will be discussed.

Southern_Lady said...

I'm so mad that Memphis isn't included in Spa Week. Waaa! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really like yours, as well.

~OHSucker~ said...

Thanks for coming by! participating spa in Memphis? I'd probably call the spas and say "Are you participating in Spa Week this year? (If not) Is this something that's in your plans for next year? I think it would be great publicity for you...". That's how I get down. LOL I really think that's an AWESOME PR move for these spas.