Friday, April 13, 2007

Tips For Triathlon Success

I'd begun my search by scouring sites and asking questions in order to bring you the best tips for triathlon success. There were so many variances and different suggestions that I thought I'd just go ahead post the best (in my opinion) blogs, sites, books and common suggestions with my input. Hey what can I say? Only the best for my readers! Enjoy!


TriBlog: A great personal account of the "journey from couch potato to triathlete"
Triathlon Training dot Net: A terrific collection of tips for beginners by beginners. They've even posted their "transformation" pictures.


Beginner Triathlete: Keep track of your process online with a free training journal
Tri-Newbies Online: Awesome site for beginners. Great collection of other sites and relevant starting points.
Hulaman's Free Triathlon Training Tips: Another terrific resource. Best of all, the vast majority of the tips seem to be geared towards the "financially and time challenged".


Here's a list of Books On Triathlon Training. These are a few of the best books on the list.
Triathlon 101
The Triathlete's Training Bible
Endurance Sports Nutrition
Triathlon Training in 4 Hours A Week

Best Suggestions

Regarding bikes: (from Hulaman) "Don't go and spend 3 grand on a new bike only to find out this triathlon training stuff is for other people. Go ahead and use your 10 speed, mountain bike or buy used and upgrade later if necessary. BUT, do make sure your bicycle fits properly and you have a helmet. It will also help you a lot if you equip your bike with clip-less pedals and shoes to maximize your pedal stroke."

Regarding transitioning: (can't remember the exact source but I know it was from one of these folks listed here) "Practice at least an hour a day on your transition". This will help you get your routine down pat for speed and ease.

Regarding weight lifting: (from Tri-Newbies) "Move up in weight every two weeks or so" and "Maintain proper form even if you're fatigued. The more fatigued you are the more prone to injury you become". Having been an Athletic Trainer in college I can't begin to stress how important AND true this is. Most of the injuries we treated were preventable injuries. Especially those that occurred in the weight room.

Regarding swimming: (from Beginner Triathlete) "Get more comfortable in the water by starting your workout with an easy warm up (ie kicking around on a flutter board)". The more comfortable you are in the water the easier your workout is and the less stress you experience. Yes, a no brainer, I know.

Regarding running: (also from Beginner Triathlete) "Take time when increasing your cadence. Be patient with your adaptation". Cadence is your steps per second. Don't become over concerned with getting a faster cadence down. It'll come as you progress with your training.

Regarding recovery: (another gem from Hulaman) "Cross Training is the best way to avoid burnout and still stay fit". Why? Well mostly because you've switched it up a bit, you're not bored and not as fatigued as you may normally become.

That's all folks! Good luck with your triathlon training. I know success at the finish line is just waiting for you...go get it!


lovelyjd said...

Yay! I have to read this in more detail and get some of these books. Hope to start my tri training in May!

~OHSucker~ said...

You're welcome! Of course I had you in mind with some of these tips. I really think you're going to like the sites and blogs especially. The books are good too but there's nothing like free information right? Right! LOL