Thursday, April 12, 2007

Children's Nutrients Get Licked

I feel that I've been blessed with one of the non pickiest eaters in the world when thinking about my soon to be 12 year old child. I never had any trouble with veggie eating, fruit eating and not eating (or wanting) lots of candy. I do realize that many a parent would trade places with me in a heartbeat. Sorry...I wouldn't give my baby up for the world. Anyway on to the point of today's post. In their growing years, children essentially need more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) than we adults do.

Many of us know this and typically try to get our children to eat certain nutrient enriched foods. We usually have a hard time getting them to eat these "good for you" foods so we turn to children's vitamins as a supplement. Now I'm not going to say children's vitamins aren't any good because hey, I myself, am a product of Flintstone Chewables. I will say that 90% of vitamin supplements taken orally pass through the digestive system unprocessed. So doing the math, that means only 10% of these supplements are processed and used.

This means that many times our children are left without the proper amounts of Vitamins A, B6&12, C, K, D or Riboflavin, Thiamin, Iron, Calcium and Zinc. These are the vitamins and minerals that they need most. How can we get these essential vitamins to our growing children? One innovative way is to give them a vitamin filled lollipop. That's right you heard me. There really is a lollipop that boasts having the nutrients growing children need. This little innovation, KidsPops, comes from the makers of PowerPops (the weight loss lollipop). The idea behind these pops is giving your children one a day (as a vitamin tablet alternative) will allow your child to now get 99% of these needed nutrients because the nutrients are now basically absorbed instantly since the digestive system is bypassed. Now it seems that you won't have to fight with your children to get them to take their vitamins. Especially since these tasty pops come in a variety of flavors and your little ones are getting a healthy treat that they don't seem to mind eating. You won't mind giving them these pops because they're made from only natural flavors and sweeteners. How about that?

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