Sunday, April 8, 2007

More Than Music To My Ears

I am overjoyed at the moment! Why? My post, 7 Ways Music Enhances Your Health, is included in the current issue of Carnival of Healing found this month on the Wisdom of Healing Blog. There's loads of information in this issue including how changing your speech habits can increase your personal power, herbal support for ovarian cysts, home remedies for colds and more! I'm honored to be included in such an excellent collection of healing and wellness posts. YAY!!!


Bigrayvin said...

The Joint is probably only 13 min because you do not need much when working on your abs. You do not want to over do because then the muscles will get use to the same movements. Great to see that you were inspired keep up the good work. Maybe you could get the six pack with the bonus 2 drinks like me :)

~OHSucker~ said...

Trust me I do NEED much when working on MY abs. LOL I'm thinking that you meant to comment under the Hip Hop Abs post? Oh well no problem. I know what you meant. *SMILE*