Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Health Myth: I'm Too Busy To Eat Healthy

Have you ever said this to yourself (or someone else) "I'd love to eat healthier, but I'm just too busy"? Great! This post is just for you.

For me, eating healthier has become a normal routine in my life, without me even realizing it. My brother and I joked about this a few weeks ago saying that growing up without a lot of money pretty much dictated a healthier eating menu. That's not to say that I was always a healthy eater though. Ok enough about me, you're reading this to find out how you can eat healthy on the go.

Does the picture accompanying this post have you salivating? It should. But before you get all worked up thinking there must be way too many calories to be healthy, think again. Those are actual menu offerings at a healthy, "good for you", fast food place called b.good based in Boston, MA. I have to applaud them with their menu offerings because I was starting to think that the food bigwigs were taking the "overweight people don't want to buy fashionable clothing" approach to healthy fast food.

Remember BellyBytes, the website I "hipped" you to a couple days ago? They have a great list of fast food/brand name food that's good for you. Then of course you have my Top 10 Healthy Snacks list from earlier this month. So go on have a "looksee". See how easy it is to eat healthy on the go?

Oh and just in case you're wondering, my personal fast food favorites are Red Robin's Grilled Turkey Burger and their Teriyaki Chicken Burger.


Bigrayvin said...

Red Robin has a Bison burger that is to die for. It's like butta

~OHSucker~ said...

Mmmmmm....Red Robin....that's my Pavlov's Dog response to hearing that name.