Sunday, April 22, 2007

Michael Vick Criticized

This past week we "witnessed" a horrific tragedy when a gunman killed over 30 innocent people on the Virginia Tech campus. Many of us were deeply saddened by this event. We've expressed grief and offered condolences and support to those directly impacted. We've also recognized that the victims include those whose lives were taken and those that remain to mourn the loss of those lives.

So tell me why criticism is being heaped on someone who has donated thousands of dollars to the families of those that were killed?

The criticisms are coming from many who feel that Mike Vick (Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, Virginia Tech Alum) should have given more. My question is why should he have given more? He wasn't obligated to give anything at all. Most also think that his partnering with the United Way to give this money is an attempt at improving his image. Again, I beg to differ. Michael Vick is one athlete who is criticized and will continue to be criticized no matter what he does. I truly believe that he gave this money out of the goodness of his heart. It really angers me that we (society) think celebrities are obligated to do anything just because they have money. This man has given millions to the Virginia Tech campus and the community. This gift should be applauded, not condemned because of the amount.

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